Kansas City Southern Executive Leadership

The expertise, experience and creativity of the Company’s executive leadership team helps the company build on a legacy of forward thinking. Our leadership team includes:

Patrick Ottensmeyer
  • Patrick J. Ottensmeyer
  • President  and Chief Executive Officer

Ottensmeyer was elected as KCS' president and chief executive officer, effective July 1, 2016. From April 2015 to June 2016, he served as president of KCS. From October 2008 through March 2015, he served as KCS' executive vice president sales and marketing. He joined KCS in May 2006 as executive vice president and chief financial officer and served in that role until October 2008.

Warren Erdman
  • Warren K. Erdman
  • Executive Vice President Administration & Corporate Affairs

Erdman has served in his current role since 2010. He has led the company’s corporate affairs since 1997 and gained administration responsibilities in 2010.

Brian Hancock
  • Brian Hancock
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Hancock has served in his current role since 2015.

Jeffrey Songer
  • Jeffrey M. Songer
  • Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Songer has served in his current role since 2016. He joined the company’s engineering department in 2007, and has held a variety of leadership roles within operations.

Michael Upchurch
  • Michael W. Upchurch
  • Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Upchurch has served in his current role since 2008. He joined the company as senior vice president purchasing and financial management and was promoted to his current position later that year.

Jose Guillermo Zozaya Delano
  • Jose Guillermo Zozaya Delano
  • KCSM President, General Manager and Executive Representative

Zozaya has served in his current role since 2006.

Lora Cheatum
  • Lora S. Cheatum
  • Senior Vice President Human Resources

Cheatum has served in her current role since 2014.

Michael Naatz
  • Michael J. Naatz
  • Senior Vice President Operations Support & Chief Information Officer

Naatz has served in his current role since 2014. He joined the company in 2012 as senior vice president and chief information officer.

Mary Stadler
  • Mary K. Stadler
  • Senior Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer

Stadler has served in her current role since she joined the company in 2009.

William Wochner
  • William J. Wochner
  • Senior Vice President & Chief Legal Officer

Wochner has served in his current role since 2007. He joined the company in 1981 and has served in a variety of legal and commercial leadership roles.