Intermodal Storage: Last Free Day Enhancement

November 01, 2017

Dear Valued KCS Intermodal Customer,

In an effort to continually improve our service to our customers, KCS is enhancing our EDI communication related to intermodal storage.

Effective November 12, 2017, Intermodal shipments under the storage guidelines of KCS 6000 and KCSM’s Intermodal Terminal Rules Bulletin 8 will begin receiving EDI 322 event messages containing information on the last free day for intermodal storage.

  • Shippers deramping between midnight and 8:00 AM will receive the last free day information in the second daily notification after deramp.
  • Due to batch processing, units deramped between 8:00 PM and midnight will receive the last free date information in the third daily notification after deramp.

The last free day information will be available in the daily EDI messages until the unit outgates.

For shippers using MyKCS, this new information will be made available via MyKCS Track and Trace on the same timing schedule as the EDI 322 messages outlined above.

As a reminder, successful notifications require that the bill of lading contain correct information regarding notify party. For each notify party, a profile must be on file with KCSR and KCSM Customer Solutions.

For more information, please contact KCS Customer Solutions in the US or in Mexico. For EDI questions, please contact KCS EDI Support team.

Thank you for being a loyal Kansas City Southern customer.