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KCS positioned as steel industry solutions provider at CANACERO assembly

On March 23 in Mexico City, KCS was the exclusive sponsor of the annual general assembly of CANACERO, the national chamber for the iron and steel industry.  Top executives from several of Mexico’s leading steel companies attended, including Altos Hornos de Mexico president Alonso Ancira Elizondo, who was elected the new president of CANACERO, replacing DEACERO chief executive officer Raúl Gutiérrez.

"It’s important that our clients see us as a solutions provider,” said KCS de Mexico subdirectora de ventas de carga general Yesica Gloria.  “Sponsoring this assembly has given us tremendous exposure, and our sales team used the opportunity to strengthen KCS’ steel industry relationships.” 

“Since 2010, KCS has seen a recovery in Mexico’s steel production and positive investments in new plants,” explained KCS de Mexico gerente de investigación de Mercado Angel Apunte.  “We work closely with CANACERO members to follow changes and trends in domestic and foreign markets to determine the effect it may have on other sectors like automotive, appliances and construction.”

KCS de Mexico director de ventas y mercadotecnia David Eaton added, “The Mexican steel industry is a principal driver of growth for KCS.  The entire steel production chain from iron ore, scrap, slab, long products to coils is expanding in Mexico, and KCS provides much-needed capacity, exceptional service and value for the movement of steel products throughout North America.  Speaking with industry leaders, it’s apparent that the Mexican steel industry sees KCS as a vital link in their production systems.”

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