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KCS partners with Mexican steel industry to prepare for growth

On March 20, KCS participated in the 65th annual meeting of CANACERO, the national chamber of the iron and steel industry in Mexico.  In this meeting, the organization reviews its achievements of the past year, ratifies its members and votes on the new slate of board members.  They also analyzed the state of the industry to develop strategies for dealing with international markets. 

"The growth of near shoring has created new automotive and appliance factories in Mexico.  These industries consume a great deal of high quality steel.  KCS is uniquely positioned to serve as a strategic partner for the entire North American steel value chain, from iron ore and scrap to slab, coils and finished products.  Partnering with CANACERO keeps KCS plugged into this growing market," said KCS de Mexico subdirectora de ventas carga general Yesica Gloria.

KCS was a gold sponsor of the event and participates actively in CANACERO's various work groups on an ongoing basis.

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