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Service Status Updates


1/28/2015Fuel Surcharges for February 2015
1/27/2015Maintenance of Way – Laredo Bridge, Laredo Subdivision and Red River Bridge
1/15/2015Dallas, TX to Titusville, FL Linehaul Rate Adjustment
1/13/2015President's Day Service Plan
1/7/2015KCSM Service Reduction Due to the Constitution Anniversary in Mexico Holiday
1/6/2015Holiday Service Reductions Planned for 2015
1/2/2015PC Miler Rail Fuel Mileage Version Upgrade
12/17/2014Maintenance of Way – First quarter 2015
12/11/2014Fuel Surcharges for January 2015
12/8/20142014 Christmas and New Year 2015 Holiday Intermodal Schedule


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