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Service Status Updates


7/27/2015Intermodal Cross-border process improvements
7/25/2015Caltzontzin District Service Update
7/22/2015Force Majeure State and Estimated Time to Open the Main Line at Caltzontzin District
7/15/2015Fuel Surcharges for August 2015
7/14/2015Good news: new website and new MyKCS functionality
7/13/2015FIRMs Code and key directions for new WIT, TX Facility
7/8/2015Cross border customs clearance and inspection now available
7/7/2015Intermodal Public Linehaul Rate Adjustments
7/7/2015Wylie Intermodal Terminal (WIT) – Final communication prior to opening
7/1/2015Despacho Previo for Online payments - Status Update


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