KCS shifting approach to business a topic at RailTrends 2015

November 20, 2015

This week, KCS executive vice president and chief marketing officer Brian Hancock joined an elite group of industry leaders presenting at RailTrends® 2015 in New York City.  Like his message to the State of Logistics® Report event last week, he spoke of the need for everyone engaged in the supply chain to focus on the end consumer.

In his presentation, Hancock talked about how when we have a common goal to serve the end consumer, it changes our approach to selling, service design and service delivery from B2B to B2C.  For many years, nearly every supply chain innovation was created to address the changing needs of the end consumer.  He shared how KCS is shifting its approach and encouraged its partners and others in the supply chain to do the same.

RailTrends® is a two-day conference for all of the rail-industry disciplines and stakeholders.  It is attended by the financial and capital communities, owners, lenders, operators, marketers and every other group directly or indirectly affected by the rail business.  Organizers describe conference topics as being shaped by the internal verities of the industry, timely topics, and controversial, button-pushing subjects.