Local safety committee ready to provide CPR/first aid training

October 30, 2015

Recently, the Kansas City Knoche yard local safety committee recognized a demand for CPR and first aid training and worked to get the training in place for its members.  On October 1, mechanical safety and training coordinator Casey Hall instructed a train-the-trainer course for the committee through Medic First Aid.

“In looking at our options, we found that it was far more efficient to bring the training in house, tapping into the talents of our local safety committee and significantly reducing costs,” said Hall.  

KCSR Knoche Yard local safety committee members who are now able to provide CPR and first aid training are Chris Bergschneider, Scott Ehrhardt and Aaron Morgan of the Mechanical department and Dan Coleman of the Transportation department.  

Any employee in the Kansas City area interested in receiving CPR and first aid training is encouraged to contact the terminal superintendent or any member of the local safety committee.