Railroads essential to Mexico’s industrialization, productivity

February 26, 2016

On February 10 to 12 in Acapulco, ExpoRail Mexico 2016 brought together some of the most influential people in the freight rail industry from North America, South America and Europe to discuss opportunities and challenges.  Officials from KCSM were among the attendees.

In his role as director of the Mexican Association of Railroads (AMF), KCSM president, general manager and executive representative José Zozaya addressed the conference and highlighted the priorities facing the industry.

Zozaya said it is necessary to further increase the capacity and efficiency of the rail network to support the development and growth of new production patterns and to successfully address both domestic and international demand.  He confirmed that railroads are already playing a central role in the industrialization and productivity of Mexico, boosting employment, investment, cross-border integration, international trade and a better quality of life.  He added that the need to safely, efficiently and reliably connect people and products with various other parts of the country has led to the rail industry boom Mexico enjoys today.  Mexico’s rail network is an internationally-recognized success story.  He closed by urging the industry to continue working together to meet the capacity needs of Mexico and the global marketplace.

At the conference, KCSM reported that during 2015, the company invested more than US$324 million in the rail network in Mexico – 219 percent more than the US$148 million committed to the SCT.  It was also announced that KCSM would invest US$154 million in its rail network in Mexico in 2016.