Work Equipment Shop rebuilds to minimize production downtime

November 06, 2015

In an effort to minimize equipment downtime for tie and steel production gangs, the KCSR Work Equipment Shop in Shreveport, La. initiated an equipment exchange program.  Instead of buying new equipment, the shop’s team is rebuilding existing equipment at 70 percent of the cost. 

This year, work equipment mechanic David Jenkins, with support from equipment maintenance supervisor Brian Sadler and mechanical supervisor motor vehicle operations Sam Martin, rebuilt two spike puller machines – on time and on plan.  

In addition, the shop team rebuilt a TRIPP (tie remover/inserter).  This four-month project involved working closely with the original equipment manufacturer, scheduling material shipments and exchanging major components.  Work equipment mechanics Chuck Yarbrough and David Jenkins disassembled, evaluated and reassembled the machine.  

The Work Equipment Shop team looks forward to the challenge of three more machine rebuilds in 2016.