Our Commitment

Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Commitment

We affirm, to all our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, shareholders, and the public, our commitment to safe, healthy, and secure operations. We also affirm that we will comply with legal requirements and adhere to the highest practicable standards for the protection of our people and the environment.

We will continuously and measurably improve our practices based on consultation with our workers and their representatives, and in light of advances in technology and new breakthroughs in security, safety, health and environmental science. We will strengthen our business by making the consideration of potential safety, health, environmental and security issues an integral part of all our business activities.

To that end, the following principles will guide us. 

  • We believe that injuries and occupational illnesses, as well as most railroad accidents and environmental incidents, are preventable, and we are committed to a goal of zero for these that we can prevent using any reasonable efforts.
  • We will eliminate hazards and reduce occupational health and safety risks in our workplace. 
  • We will educate and empower our employees to work safely, to maintain secure operations and to embrace our commitment to the environment.
  • We will operate and maintain our facilities and equipment so they are safe, secure and considerate of environmental impact.
  • We will be prepared to respond to railroad emergencies and will provide educational opportunities to assist our local communities to improve their emergency preparedness.
  • We will make efforts to prevent, minimize, reuse and recycle waste. When waste is generated, it will be handled and disposed of safely and responsibly. 
  • We will be responsible stewards of our environment by demonstrating resource efficiency and conservation of natural resources.
  • We will use technological advancements and continuously improved operating procedures to drive reductions in our emissions intensity ratio.
  • We will responsibly remediate environmental conditions that require our attention.
  • We will work with our customers and suppliers to minimize environmental impacts and improve efficiencies along the supply chain.
  • We will continuously analyze and work to improve our operations using the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology as a means to manage the inherent risks of our operations and to protect human life and the environment.
  • We will measure and regularly report to the public our progress in meeting this Commitment.

We support this affirmation and will put in place appropriate policies, procedures, and directives and will make available the resources to comply with both the letter and the spirit of this Commitment.