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Corporate US Phone US Email MX Phone MX Email Info
General Information 800-GO-TO-KCS (468-6527) csolutions@kcsouthern.com 011-81-8852-7777 Vozdelcliente@kcsms.com.mx
Government Relations 011-52-55-9178-5617 GovernmentRelations@kcsms.com.mx
Investor Inquiries 816-983-1501 Questions from institutional shareowners, financial media on company strategy, financials, stock performance
Request a Hard Copy 888-800-3690 CorpSec@kcsouthern.com Annual report, 10K, 10Q, charters, governance, guidelines, etc.
Utility Crossing Permits & Grade Separation Projects 816-983-1138 Permits@kcsouthern.com 011-52-81-305-7800 ext. 7714 Permits@kcsms.com.mx
Webmaster Webmaster@kcsouthern.com

Culture US Phone US Email MX Phone MX Email Info
Website Accessibility 816-983-1626 EEOCoordinator@KCSouthern.com

Community US Phone US Email MX Phone MX Email Info
Charitable Giving 011-52-55-9178-5651 Ccorporativa@kcsms.com.mx
Community Concerns 011-52-81-8305-7957 CommunityConcerns@kcsms.com.mx Rough crossings, horn blowing, encroachments, vegetation, for concerns about trains in crossings
Environment 816-983-1588 Environment@kcsouthern.com 011-52-81-8305-7720 Environment@kcsms.com.mx Hazmat outreach training programs
Holiday Trains 011-52-55-9178-5651 Ccorporativa@kcsms.com.mx
Speak Up! Program 800-727-2615 www.kcsouthern.ethicspoint.com 01-800-436-0158 www.kcsouthern.ethicspoint.com Report safety issues, security concerns, misconduct involving Company employees, etc., anonymously if preferred.
Ship With Us
US Phone US Email MX Phone MX Email Info
Customer Solutions 800-GO-TO-KCS (468-6527) csolutions@kcsouthern.com 01-81-8852-7777 from Mexico.
1-888-812-9512 from the U.S.
vozdelcliente@kcsms.com.mx Service inquiries, operational issues, tracking, billing
Freight Claims 816-983-1825 kcsrfreightclaims@kcsouthern.com 1-888-812-9512 ext.7944 from the U.S.
011-52-81-8305-7900 ext.7944 from Mexico
freightclaims@kcsms.com.mx Cargo damage or theft
Industrial Development  816-983-1544 IndustrialDevelopment@kcsouthern.com 011-52-55-9178-5116 IndustrialDevelopment@kcsouthern.com Viable rail-served economic development opportunities
Public Safety  318-676-6296 PublicSafety@kcsouthern.com Request an Operation Lifesaver presentation, Crossing closures, New crossings, Quiet Zones
Real Estate 816-983-1396 RealEstate@kcsouthern.com 011-52-55-9178-5624 RealEstate@kcsouthern.com.mx Buildings/Property available for sale/lease
Report Emergency or Suspicious Activity 877-527-9464 Critical Incident Desk 011-52-81-8305-7911 Critical Incident Desk
Work With Us
Human Resources US Phone US Email MX Phone MX Email Info
Career Application Technical Support 866-803-9663 Support@silkroad.com atalento@kcsms.com.mx
Employee Assistance Program 800-356-0845 www.paseap.com
(Org code: KCSR)
01-800-999-2233 www.orienta-me.com
Employee Stock Purchase Plan & Matching Gift Program 888-800-3690 CorpSec@kcsouthern.com
Employment Verification 800-367-5690 The Work Number 011-52-81-8852-7371 rh@kcsms.com.mx Employment and wage information
Human Resources 866-625-1312 HResources@kcsouthern.com 011-52-81-8852-7371 rh@kcsms.com.mx
Payroll 1-800-451-6269 Ewmpayroll@kcsouthern.com 011-52-81-8305-7800 ext. 7915 nominas-finanzas@KCSouthern.com

Suppliers US Phone US Email MX Phone MX Email Info
Accounts Payable A@kcsouthern.com cuentasporpagar@kcsms.com.mx
Engineering Material Management 318-375-4956 Purchasing@kcsouthern.com
Suppliers Purchasing@kcsouthern.com Purchasing@kcsouthern.com.mx This contact can be used for all aspects of Supplier including but not limited to procurement, credit card management, contracts and supplier diversity.
US Phone US Email MX Phone MX Email Info PAN Email PAN Phone
Media Inquiries 011-52-55-9178-5651 Ccorporativa@kcsms.com.mx Information, statements, interviews, photos, video tkenna@panarail.com  011-507-317-6070