EMP and TMX Per Diem Adjustments during COVID-19 - May, 2020

May 01, 2020

Dear Valued KCS Intermodal Customer, 

In light of the circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak, KCS is electing to once again adjust both the EMP and TMX per diem scales. A note that both EMP and TMX charges are assessed by Blume Global on behalf of KCS.  

It is important to note that we are not currently adjusting our rate structure or policy with regards to storage. However, should KCS intermodal facilities become overly congested, actions may need to be taken in the form of increased storage rates or decreased free days in order to alleviate congestion.

Current Per Diem Scale:
Days 1 - 20:                 $20 per day 
Days 21 - 30:               $30 per day 
Days 31 and greater:   $100 per day 

The above scale will be adjusted to be a flat $20 / day if it meets the following conditions: 

  • Applies to currently OPEN and CLOSED BUT NON-INVOICED equipment usages
  • Equipment usage must have been opened ON OR AFTER 3/16/2020

Once usage is put on $20/flat per diem, it will remain on flat per diem until it closes

We will continue to evaluate the circumstances to determine if further adjustments are needed.

These details will be located under Policies and Procedures on the Blume Global site, after logging in with your Blume Global credentials. 

Please contact your KCS Sales Representative or Marketing Representative with any questions.

Thank you for being a loyal Kansas City Southern Intermodal customer.