EMP Cross-Over Policy Change

June 07, 2021

Dear Valued KCS Intermodal Customer, 

Kansas City Southern is revising our policy regarding EMP crossovers in the Dallas metropolitan area, specifically to/from our intermodal facility in Wylie, TX. 

Effective July 01, 2021 (for end of month July charges):

  • Crossover charge tolerance will adjust from 8% on loaded ingates to Wylie, TX, to 4% on loaded outgates
  • The charge remains on a net basis for monthly crossovers for all crossover statuses
  • The crossover penalty will increase from $250 to $300 on all net crossovers in excess of 4% tolerance

This EMP accessorial charge is by Blume Global on behalf of KCS therefore these details will be located under Policies and Procedures section 209.3 on the Blume Global site, after logging in with your Blume Global credentials.

Please contact your KCS Sales Representative or Marketing Representatives at IM-Pricing@kcsouthern.com with any questions.