Rail Manifest implementation at Nuevo Laredo – June 17, 2019

June 12, 2019

Attention Nuevo Laredo/Laredo cross-border customers,

As we have shared previously, after several delays, Rail Manifest thru VUCEM at the international rail bridge at Laredo/Nuevo Laredo is officially scheduled for Monday, June 17th, 2019.

By now, we hope our customers and their Mexican Customs Brokers have made the necessary preparations as recommended over these past several months for the transition to avoid any unnecessary delays in their shipments.

As a reminder:

  • All Mexican Brokers should be familiar and be testing their links to VUCEM to be ready to facilitate the change on behalf of their customers in June.
  • The new Rail Manifest process will require that the information on the Bill of Lading is accurate including the complete name, address, city, state and zip code for each customer role. This applies for both processes of Import and Export cross-border and inbound shipments.
  • The Mexican Customs Broker (MCB) located at Nuevo Laredo should ensure the “patente” on the KCSM record is the same as registered at the Ventanilla Unica and corresponds to the Bill of Lading information submitted by the customer.
  • KCS will provide the Rail Manifest Number (NMF) to VUCEM after the cut over date.
  • The Mexican Customs brokers should process the pedimento through SAT’s Ventanilla Unica and, for contingency purposes, also continuing to submit the paper pedimento to Customs (Aduana) at the Nuevo Laredo railroad office for the duration of the approximate 3 month transition program. The submission of the paper pedimento will eventually be discontinued at a date determined by the SAT.
  • Please note that the e-despacho must still be re-transmitted by the Mexican customs broker to VUCEM even though customs has the physical, paper pedimento.
  • After the cutover, for Bills of Lading on the KCS system that have NIUs (Unique Identification Numbers) but have not yet been cleared with a pedimento, the Mexican Customs Broker must file with the new VUCEM process. Then, a new Rail Manifest Number (replacing the NIU) would be generated by KCS to be used to process the Bill of Lading through VUCEM. To avoid unnecessary delays, we strongly recommend that customers make sure all Bills of Lading submitted under the SICOFE (Sistema de Control Ferroviario) system clear before the VUCEM cutover date.

To avoid delays for shipments that fail Rail Manifest and VUCEM, parallel processes of submitting the paper pedimento and managing the EDI messages through Rail Manifest will both be required.

Should you have any questions related to these changes, please don’t hesitate to contact our KCSM Customer Solutions team who will be happy to answer your questions. We look forward to a seamless transition for all our customers.

Thank you for being a loyal customer.