Update to Tariff KCS 8100

October 02, 2019

As part of our continued focus on reliable service, KCS has recently completed a review of our practices, procedures and accessorial pricing. As a result of this recent review, KCS will be making adjustments to the KCS Tariff 8100 governing Switching and Terminal Services. These changes will take effect as of December 1, 2019.    

KCS T 8100:  Several fees have been adjusted within the tariff. New concepts can be found in Section 11. KCS 8100 can be found on our website.   

These changes are an effort to protect the fluidity of our network by avoiding delays outside of KCS’ control. These unit train rules are to assess charges to customers who, as a result of their delays, impact KCS' ability to protect the fluidity, safety and security of the network operations. We have provided two months’ notice to accommodate the necessary transitions on your end. We are also available to assist any customers with questions or process changes. Our goal is and will always be improved service.  

This is one example how KCS will continue to be vigilant in reviewing both our internal and external practices so that we can deliver the most reliable and consistent service to our customers.

For more details, you will find these updated tariffs on our website in the Customer Resources\Accessorial Services section as of today, October 2, 2019.

We thank you for your continued support and patience as we make adjustments enabling us to serve our customers better.  
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our KCS Customers Solutions Team.