What We Ship

Whatever you ship, KCS can move it

KCS is a complete network of capabilities, possibilities and advantages for businesses and shippers of all sizes. You produce it or need it and we can ship it.

From accordions to zippers, KCS can ship your cargo. We are a full-service railroad capable of shipping anything from the tiniest plastic pieces to the largest machinery. Liquid or metal. Large or small. Finished or Unfinished. We've got your shipment needs covered.

Aggregates & Minerals

Agricultural Products




Consumer Goods


Food Products

Forest, Paper & Pulp Products

Metals & Scrap

Military & Machinery

Petroleum & LPG Products


Kansas City Southern serves quarries in the U.S. and in Mexico.

KCS serves the needs of quarries here in the U.S. and in Mexico moving limestone and rock for road and construction projects as well as the oil and gas drilling industry.

Aggregate commodities include stone, limestone, gravel, granite and rock (except cement and sand).

Mineral commodities include borates, bentonites, clay, fly ash and lime (except alumina, ores, salt and soda ash).

Kansas City Southern brings grain and grain products from the U.S. and Mexican heartlands to the world.

Kansas City Southern originates and receives shipments of grain and grain products either for domestic consumers or for export. KCS is well positioned to move grain and focused to serve the key consumption areas within the US and Mexico, for delivery to feed mills, food and industrial consumers. KCS also has access to the Gulf Coast, helping to bring these products to the rest of the world.

Agricultural products include Corn, soybeans, oilseeds, sorghum, rice, seeds and wheat.

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Mexico is one of the world’s premier locations for advanced manufacturing and Kansas City Southern is the carrier of choice for appliances.

With the burgeoning growth of appliance manufacturing in Mexico, Kansas City Southern is positioned to serve these factories with both the delivery of the raw materials as well as shipping of the finished goods with North America and beyond.

Kansas City Southern offers unique and exceptional access to and from the heart of Mexico's growing automotive industry.

Kansas City Southern interchanges with every other Class I railroad in the U.S. and Mexico.

KCS currently serves 90% of auto assembly plants in Mexico as well as four KCS owned automotive distribution facilities and 3 major Mexican ports on the Pacific and Gulf.

Whether you're shipping finished vehicles or automotive parts, KCS's automotive team possesses the market and operational expertise to offer a broad network solution complete with reliable customer service for your transportation needs.

Equipment we ship with

Kansas City Southern moves a variety of commodity chemicals and specialty chemicals for our customers.

Chemicals play a key role in our everyday lives and KCS helps meet the demand for these products by moving raw materials and finished products out of refineries and plants into the Gulf Coast region and beyond.

Across our network, KCS moves a wide variety of chemical products, including:

  • Organic chemicals
  • Inorganic chemicals
  • Commodity chemicals
  • Specialty chemicals

KCS also moves hazardous materials along its network. We have been a Responsible Care© partner since 1999 and have received Responsible Care© Management System (RCMS) certification for formalizing our Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Management System.

Kansas City Southern moves the consumer goods and electronics from the manufacturer to the retailer to meet the demands of the consumer.

Clothing, cosmetics and coffee pots are just a few of all the consumer products and electronics that KCS transports helping retailers stock their shelves. Whatever consumer product you have, KCS offers either a carload or intermodal option to deliver it to its final destination.

Serving manufacturers and retailers in both the U.S. and Mexico allows KCS to be an integral part of the supply chain for Consumer Products.

Kansas City Southern serves the needs of the energy market through shipment of crude, coal & coke and frac sand.

Partnering with other U.S. Class I railroads, KCS collaborates to ensure energy shipments originating off our line can be delivered to locations on our network. Serving the entire U.S. through strategic partnerships means that KCS is an integral step in transporting these energy products where they are needed most.

KCS transports crude oil from the Canadian Tar Sands and the West Texas oil fields to a wide array of destinations. The Port Arthur/Beaumont area is home to refineries who have over 1 million barrels per day of refining capacity, thus serves as a prime market for KCS. KCS also serves a number or smaller crude markets in the U.S. Gulf Coast and South Eastern United States.

Frac Sand:
KCS plays a critical role in the final delivery of frac sand to its destination. KCS terminates frac sand in multiple locations in Texas, Louisiana, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Petroleum Coke:
KCS is well positioned to provide rail transportation of petroleum coke for numerous refineries, calcining plants, and other manufacturers throughout the Midwest U.S., along the Gulf Coast, and in Mexico.

KCS owns Pabtex, Inc., a U.S. Gulf Coast export facility in Port Arthur, Texas, which provides services including the unloading of railcars, ground storage and loading of vessels with petroleum coke and coal.

More than 100 different food products are moving efficiently and securely on Kansas City Southern's network to serve the feed and food industry into the major production and consumption markets in North America.

Kansas City Southern's franchise offers a convenient and seamless cross-border network to producers and key consumption areas in the U.S. and Mexico.

Major commodities handled by Kansas City Southern include: corn syrup, Distiller's dried grains, soybean meal, sweeteners, starches, oils, tallows, sugar, peanuts, corn meal, wheat flour, fresh and frozen foods (except for consumer goods such as beer, beverages, and canned goods).

Kansas City Southern provides shipment of paper and forest products serving the consumer packaging and housing industries.

Thousands of pine trees grow right alongside KCS' route in the U.S., making Kansas City Southern well-positioned to serve major paper mills and manufacturing facilities. KCS moves lumber, pulp, paper, OSB, plywood, packaging materials, logs and chips throughout North America.

Kansas City Southern is positioned to serve many of North America's principal steel producers and those in need of finished metal and scrap metal.

As manufacturing continues to be a growth sector in Mexico, the supply of steel products such as slab, coils, recycled steel, and scrap is in high demand. With seamless cross-border capabilities, KCS is in an excellent position to help meet the demand.

The KCS network efficiently serves mini-mills throughout North America. In fact, Kansas City Southern is the only franchise that connects the U.S. steel mills with the growing Mexico manufacturing corridors and is also only one rail connection away from the major integrated mills in the upper Midwest.

Kansas City Southern ships large and small machinery serving various industries in the U.S., Mexico and the world.

Kansas City Southern is an exceptional option for moving heavy machinery, power generation, farm implements and construction equipment. With direct service to the Gulf of Mexico ports and the Pacific west coast port of Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico, KCS is able to assist in moving oversized shipments beyond North America to help meet the demand for machinery throughout the world.

Kansas City Southern partners with the U.S. military to serve locations on or near our line.

Equipment we ship with

Petroleum refineries in the Gulf Coast region rely on Kansas City Southern to ship their products.

A number of Gulf Coast refineries entrust their outbound shipments of refined petroleum products to KCS for delivery. Destined for major cities throughout North America, the products help provide the energy that drives the continent's economic prosperity.

Equipment we ship with

You can ship plastics with Kansas City Southern via carload or intermodal.

KCS directly serves plastics producers in the Gulf Coast region and offers storage and transload services to accompany it.

Through Kansas City Southern, plastics producers can reach major consumption markets in both the U.S. and in Mexico. Additionally, because we have access to Gulf ports and the Pacific port of Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico, our customers have the opportunity to ship to Asia and South America, as well.