Industrial Development & Real Estate

Kansas City Southern helps bring the tracks to your business through industrial development and real estate

For viable, rail-served economic development opportunities in your community, KCS will:

  • Find a place to locate a new facility on our lines and provide profiles including property location, size and proximity to rail, highway and water access as well as other amenities
  • Assess design plans for rail feasibility, optimal land-use configuration and physical characteristics to weigh environmental and construction considerations
  • Assist existing industries with their expansion efforts or find ways to generate new opportunities with logistics and distribution partners

If you have a rail-served economic development prospect, contact us at industrialdevelopment@kcsouthern.com or 816-983-1544.

For other real estate inquiries in the U.S., please contact KCS real estate, realestate@kcsouthern.com or 816-983-1396.

For information pertaining to real estate in Mexico, please contact Roberto Vilchis Ortega, rvilchis@kcsms.com.mx.