COVID-19/ Coronavirus Resources

Current Network Status

May 1, 2020

  • KCS business continuity plans are working well.
  • We have maintained close ties to our industry partners, expert sources such as the CDC, governmental agencies and our customers.
  • We have stayed tightly aligned with our customers to understand their shift in production and demand and are coordinating the resumption of full service per their plans. We ask that customers continue to provide updates as their states reopen and businesses resume.
  • Crew availability in the U.S. and Mexico remain strong allowing for continued operations and uninterrupted service in both the U.S. and Mexico.

For questions related to your shipments, please contact your sales and marketing representative.

To read our May 1st business update, please visit our Service Status Updates page.

Business Continuity plans

Protecting the health and well-being of our employees and others
  • We have instituted a work from home policy for all employees having the ability to do so. These employees are equipped with laptops/remote working capabilities and equipment enabling them to work remotely without interruption.
  • For those employees deemed essential to be at their work site, we are practicing social distancing and have restricted access to certain work areas in order to minimize external exposure.
  • We have implemented a robust cleaning and sanitizing effort for all work and common areas.
  • We have employee communication and feedback mechanisms in place to share best practices and receive any changes to an employee’s health situation fast and easily.
  • We have eliminated all non-essential travel for our employees. We will be available via phone, email or conference tools to serve you.
  • With a continued focus on the health of our in-facility employees, we have instituted additional measures in key operational areas and buildings including pre-shift temperature checks.
Ensuring the continuity of our business operations
  • We hold daily internal briefings on business continuity.
  • We participate in daily briefings with local, state and federal agencies, as needed, to protect commerce and the movement of freight.
  • We continue to work in collaboration with our vendors and partners to ensure that necessary materials and resources are readily available.
  • We have implemented additional cleaning and sanitation services at our office facilities, maintenance shops and locomotives to help reduce the risk of contamination of our operations employees.
  • To ensure business continuity, we have temporarily diversified the work locations for critical departments including our Network Operations function.
  • Part of KCS’ standard operating procedures involves extra job boards for access to trained field employees in the event of crew shortages. Additionally, we can work with our unions to temporarily relocate crews and employees to locations of need.

Call to action for Customers

  • Please communicate changes to your business operations and forecasts with your sales and marketing account executive.
  • To make sure we can quickly and efficiently communicate with you, it is important that your contact information is current.  Using the “Manage Preferences” link in your latest email, please confirm your contact information is up-to-date or add any missing information.

KCS Customer Communications related to COVID-19/Coronavirus

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