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How We Ship

Bring your business aboard and we'll find the best way to get it where it needs to go.

When it comes to creative, solutions-driven business, nobody beats Kansas City Southern. Kansas City Southern is a complete network of capabilities, possibilities and advantages for businesses and shippers of all size.


Shipping by carload is designed for those with heavy loads or a more flexible time schedule for delivery. With multiple types of equipment within the carload fleet such as boxcars, coil cars, gondolas or tank cars, any commodity ranging from agriculture to steel and anything in between can be shipped via carload.

Given carload’s volume capacity and rail's energy efficiency, rail is one of the most environmentally efficient forms of transportation. On average, a single Class I U.S. freight train can haul one ton of freight 480 miles on just one gallon of fuel.

The volume capacity and energy efficiency of rail shipping equates to economical savings for our carload shippers.

Whether your shipment needs are within the U.S., within North America or beyond, we have carload options to get your precious cargo from origin to destination.


As companies continue to manage the time vs. money equation as well as the complexities of domestic U.S., Mexico and cross-border transport, more and more shippers are converting to intermodal, taking advantage of the efficiency of container shipping by railroad. With intermodal facilities in both the U.S. and Mexico, along the International Intermodal Corridor, we provide premium service, including on the most efficient transcontinental rail line from Mexico to the southeastern United States, and beyond.

If you have faced challenges including customs clearance issues, congestion at the border, limited truckload capacity, imbalanced shipments or time to get to market, then KCS' intermodal is the solution for you.

In addition, use of intermodal vs. truck alone can reduce many of the cost components including:

  • Warehouse maneuvers
  • Dray across international bridge
  • Mexican Customs Clearance (southbound)
  • U.S. customs Fees (northbound)

If you are looking for speed, security and simplicity in your shipment partner, then Kansas City Southern intermodal is the cost effective solution you've been looking for.

For a list of our state of the art intermodal facilities, the ports we serve and our routes, please visit our interactive map.