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Demurrage is a charge assessed on a railcar(s) when held by or for consignor or consignee after the free time has expired.

KCS provides tools at your fingertips to help you manage your demurrage and accounts in general. You can use the online Track and Trace tool within MyKCS.

Calculating Demurrage

In the U.S., demurrage is calculated on a credit and debit basis. For specific details on how demurrage is calculated please refer to Tariff 6000-F or your customer onboarding material.

In Mexico, please refer to KCSM Accessorial Services Application Rules and Accessorial Services Catalog for the specifics on calculating demurrage in Mexico.

Demurrage Invoicing

In the U.S., demurrage invoices are available online the 10th of each month via MyKCS. In Mexico, the demurrage invoices are available online the 15th of the month via MyKCS. Please refer to the terms of your contract for expected payment terms.

Demurrage Cycle

For a visual understanding how demurrage works in the U.S. and Mexico, please review the attached.