Check cross-border permits in advance of Holidays - 2021

November 23, 2021

Attention Steel Shippers: 
As a courtesy message, this is to inform you that the Secretaría de Economia (Mexican Ministry of Economy) will be closed for the holidays from December 20th, 2021, through January 6th, 2022.  During this time period, no new permits will be issued for exporting steel products into Mexico. 

Therefore, if you are currently operating under a monthly or yearly permit, we recommend that you validate the permit with the Secretaría de Economia now to confirm that it will remain valid through the remainder of this year and through the first week of 2022.  

Attention all shippers (including Steel Shippers): 
In an effort to maintain fluidity at the border and avoid potential costly fees for our shippers, we are asking all shippers – including steel exporters – to confirm your documentation prior to shipping. 

During this holiday window, should there be a delay at the border due to invalid customs documentation, KCS will be forced to hold or set out a rail car(s) in Laredo, TX. According to our current tariff KCS 6000F, the following fees and actions can be taken:  

  1. $2,500.00 per car fee will be assessed for set out as outlined in KCS 6000F Item 180. 
  2. Document delay charges of $300.00 per car per day will be assessed until the car(s) clear(s) customs as outlined in KCS 6000F Item 170.
  3. KCS may place an embargo* on the shipper for the remainder of the holiday period or until the car(s) that has/have been held clear customs for shipments via Laredo.
  4. KCSM may place a document limitation (embargo) on Consignees of the held shipments for the remainder of the holiday period or until the car(s) that has/have been held clear customs.

A list of all possible charges and actions can be found on our website on the Assessorial Services page.  

Thank you for your collaboration on this. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact KCS Customer Solutions.

Thank you and happy holidays.

*Embargo billing permits may be applied after supporting documentation is submitted to KCS, showing that proper paperwork is place.