Update on Labor Negotiations

September 09, 2022

As you are aware, the National Carriers' Conference Committee, representing major freight railroads including KCS, has been negotiating for many months toward new national contracts with the dozen unions representing the railroads' unionized workforces. As of today, tentative agreements have been reached or are close to being finalized with 10 of the 12 unions, and negotiations continue with the remaining two. Please see the AAR communication for the latest update.

KCS is committed to do everything in its power to move our customers' freight while safeguarding customers' products, our employees and the communities where we operate. KCS does not intend to lockout unionized employees. Additionally, we currently do not intend to embargo shipments, although circumstances could change as a result of embargoes put in place by other carriers. We will immediately communicate any changes in KCS' approach.

Should ongoing negotiations not lead to agreements with the remaining 2 unions, KCS will work to move freight to customers and to interchanges up until any union work stoppage commences. We plan to maintain interchange at all key locations to the extent possible, and will work closely with our interchange partners to provide customers as much notice as possible on the handling of interline shipments.

During this period, KCS will make extra customer service assistance available to help customers plan for meeting their specific freight needs. Service requests for special service needs should be emailed to Customer Solutions as soon as possible. 

KCSM's operations in Mexico will continue as normal, with the exception that interchange across the U.S.-Mexico border will not be possible should U.S. unions commence a work stoppage.

We invite you to visit the aar.org site or look for future KCS communications on the matter.