Carta Porte #20 – New Date for EDI 404 Validations

July 21, 2022

Attention EDI users,

As a follow up to our previous communications regarding the requirement for valid Carta Porte data in EDI 404 transmissions, we would like to thank the many customers who have completed the necessary updates in advance of the August 1st, 2022 deadline. This past week, more than 75% of the EDI 404 transmissions we received from our customers contained accurate Carta Porte information. We appreciate your efforts.    

Through our continued outreach and dialogue with our customers, we recognize that some of you have not been able to make the necessary updates to meet the August 1st deadline. We understand that this Mexico government requirement is complex and requires work to be done to accommodate this Carta Porte requirement. As such, we are extending the deadline requiring valid Carta Porte data in EDI 404 transmissions by one more month to September 1st, 2022.   

This will be our second and final extension for this effort. For KCS to be in compliance with this regulation, we will not be able to extend any further. Therefore, all customers need to be fully compliant with Carta Porta data in your EDI 404 transmissions by September 1, 2022, or your waybills will be rejected. If you do not believe your system will be ready by this date, please be prepared to create your waybills via MyKCS until you are able to complete the updates to your EDI system.  

We continue to work with our partner carriers to introduce an industry-wide validation for Carta Porte information. The result of this effort will directly impact our plan for future phases of EDI 417 validations; you can expect additional communication on this subject in the future.  

All Carta Porte content, updates, dates, training material, links to resources and communications can be found on the dedicated Carta Porte page in our Rail Resource Center on our website. 

As a reminder, the Carta Porte requirements apply to all shipping companies (cargo airlines, trucks, maritime, railroads, etc.). This applies to cross-border, international, and Mexican domestic shipments. This supersedes any provision to the contrary that may exist in any rule, tariff, rate, or contract previously published or entered by KCSM.  

Should you have any questions on this program, please don’t hesitate to contact our KCSM Customers Solutions Center or your Sales Account Executive who will be happy to answer your questions.  

Thank you for being a loyal Kansas City Southern customer and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

KCSM will not initiate the transport of goods, nor receive them in interchange from other carriers, without having the necessary information from shippers that would allow KCSM to issue the bill of lading (Carta Porte) and the invoice, prior to the provision of the freight rail transportation service, including any service provided by third parties hired by customers and restrictions imposed by any Mexican Government entity. Our expectation is that our customers are also working to be fully compliant so there will be no risk of delayed shipments or additional fees or penalties. Shippers will reimburse and indemnify KCSM for any losses and damages caused, as well as for the cost and expenses incurred, as a consequence of the inaccuracy of the information provided to KCSM by them or by their representatives, including without limitation, for any setout costs, detentions, penalties and fines determined by the tax and customs authorities.