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Cross-border Customs Procedures

Kansas City Southern's network of railroads, through The Kansas City Southern Railway in the U.S. and the Kansas City Southern de Mexico in Mexico, is on the leading edge of cross-border rail transit and customs procedures.

Through our experience and our legacy of being a pioneer in cross-border transit, we continue to evolve our processes to make the customs process more efficient and streamlined benefitting our customers.

Here are a few of the steps we have enlisted to facilitate a smooth and seamless border crossing for our customers:

  • Leveraging electronic communication with the Mexican Customs and related agencies for both imports and exports
  • Employing our "Despacho Previo" (Advance Clearance) process providing alerts and visibility to the Freight Forwarders and Mexican Customs Brokers

The results of our continued subject matter expertise in the area of Customs and Cross Border procedures will provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Strict adherence to governance and regulatory compliance
  • Fewer delays awaiting customs approvals
  • Standardized message and processes
  • Enhanced visibility and lead time notifications and pre-clearance up to 24 hours in advance
  • Avoidance of delays and/or fines from Mexican Authorities resulting from non-compliance
  • Improved data and transit security

With the volume and experience behind us, KCS is the most trustworthy way to cross the border.