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We love telling stories with photos and videos and we know you share our passion for trains. If you have great photos or short videos of a KCS train in the US or Mexico, please submit them for possible use in upcoming KCS marketing imagery. If your photo/video is selected, you will be compensated.   

Some things to keep in mind for your submissions: 

  • First and foremost, you must adhere to the no trespassing rules. Your safety is our top priority.  
  • Submissions are accepted year-round and we love photos and videos that reflect the seasons.
  • Locomotives must be from KCS’ heritage (red/yellow/black) paint scheme - not the gray paint scheme.
  • Photo resolution must be a minimum of 300 dpi.
  • Photos of KCS power (locomotives) on non-KCS track will not be considered.
  • Both vertical and landscape photos will be considered, but please only shoot video in landscape. 

Legally speaking:

  • Photos and videos must have been taken by the person submitting or photographer/videographer must have signed off on the rights.
  • Photographers/videographers of selected photos/videos will be asked to sign and return a purchase agreement acknowledging the terms and conditions, compensation, and rights of use with each submission.     
  • Photos/Videos selected from non-employees will require a W9 (US), new vendor form, and a payment request form to be completed before first payment can be processed.
  • Photography/Videography of KCS equipment or property by use of drones is prohibited and may be reported to law enforcement authorities.  Submissions taken from drones will not be accepted.
You may upload up to 10 photos/videos per submission. Please include all fields for each photo or video.

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Max file upload: 10MB per image, 100MB for videos

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Irrevocable, non-exclusive photo license agreement for photos of KCS