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Ship With Us

Whether you are new to rail or a seasoned shipper, we are here to assist with freight shipping.

Kansas City Southern offers domestic, cross-border and international freight shipping to serve as your supply chain transportation partner.

  • What we ship – you name it, Kansas City Southern likely ships it.
  • How we ship – carload, intermodal, domestic, cross-border, box cars, gondolas, you name it, we are ready to help you ship your freight.
  • What it costs – explore your shipping options to see our routes, pricing, and timing or visit our Rules Publication and Pricing page.
  • Last by not least, we commit to shipping safely and securely. Safety isn’t an option at KCS - it is an obligation.

We invite you to spend some time familiarizing yourself with our Shipping options. We are ready, willing and able to welcome you as a customer.

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