Become a Customer

At Kansas City Southern we want to be your business partner. We want to take away the mysteries and complications of shipping and help our customers engage with us as a long term transport partner.

To aid in getting you started, we've outlined a few steps to get you and your shipment moving in the right direction:

  1. Take a look at our Explore Shipping Options to see what we transport and where we transport. With a robust network of business partners we can ship just about anything to just about anywhere.
  2. You can also take a look at our network map to see how robust our reach is through extensive and strategic partnerships. Take a look. 
  3.  Looking to locate a new rail served facility or expand your existing facility?  We have a team of seasoned industrial development professionals located in the US and Mexico. Our industrial development team is your point of contact to assist in site selection, navigating through the design and construction phases of your project, and coordinating with our extensive network of partners. Contact our industrial development team to get started.
  4. For those already established, your next step is to connect with a marketing representative who will help get you started. Check out our What We Ship page to identify the best contact for you in the U.S. or Mexico and get connected. Your marketing representative will be the ideal person to start discussing your shipping needs and plans.
  5. Upon completion of connecting with your marketing representative, download or submit the credit application for US or download for Mexico and email back the completed, signed app to the email address on the respective form. We are committed to responding to you within 5 – 7 days on your credit application.
  6. Upon receiving an approval, you are officially a KCS customer. Welcome and congratulations. Now is a great time to reconnect with your marketing representative who can get all the details of your shipment and pricing coordinated.
  7. Once pricing is established, we'd like to introduce you to our full service, 24/7 Customer Solutions group in the U.S. and in Mexico who can help you the rest of the way. They will get all the remaining details set up for you and help you establish an online account called MyKCS to help you manage your accounts in the most efficient manner possible.
  8. Next step, time to get EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) set up. EDI offers the opportunity to reduce costs with less manual work and a more efficient means of communication. Download our EDI On Boarding Guide, the EDI Capability Questionnaire and the EDI Setup Form. Questions? Please feel free to contact edisupport@kcsouthern.com
  9. Now that you are up and running, KCS has an established team of customer oriented personnel dedicated to monitoring each step of your first shipment to ensure a positive experience on our network. We will monitor your shipment from the time you enter it until it is delivered. Seamless and efficient is our goal.

What are you waiting for? Get started. We are standing by to help.