Upon completion of connecting with your marketing representative, submit the credit application for US. We are committed to responding to you within 5 – 7 days on your credit application.

* If you intend to receive freight invoices by EDI, please contact KCS EDI support by phone (816) 983-1390, or by email edisupport@kcsouthern.com. More information on EDI can be found here. EDI setup may take up to 10-days, therefore KCS will issue invoices via email until confirmation of EDI setup is complete; therefore please provide at least one email address *

Trade references (transportation companies only, railroads preferred)

Company Name
Primary Contact
Telephone #
Email Address

Trade references (non-transportation related)

Company Name
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Applicant understands that KCS reserves the right to revise its credit application at any time. Should such a revision occur, application hereby agrees to complete a new credit application upon request by KCS.

Applicant understands that any incomplete, incorrect or misleading response in this Application shall serve as a basis for immediate revocation of any credit extended to Applicant as to any shipment, including those in transit.

Applicant hereby authorizes KCS to secure any information concerning the Applicant’s financial or credit status from any rail transportation company, banking institution or other company, and permits any such company to release that information to KCS.

Applicant agrees to comply with all terms and conditions governing the extension of credit by KCS, including, but not limited to, those stated in KCS Rules Publication 9011-Series and 9012-Series supplements thereto and successive issues thereof. Compliance with such terms and conditions is a requirement for the current or continued extension of credit to Applicant. Credit terms and conditions are subject to change at any time by KCS, without notice to Applicant.

Payment of all charges must not, under any circumstances, be reduced or withheld because of claims against KCS. Each charge is to be settled on its own merit and offsetting any other claims against accounts shall be considered sufficient cause for cancellation of credit.

The credit period for all freight charges is fifteen (15) days from invoice date. The credit period for accessorial charges as defined in KCS Tariff 8100 is fifteen (15) days from invoice date. A finance charge will be assessed on all bills that are unpaid and undisputed beyond the credit terms as defined above.

A finance charge in the amount of 12% per annum (1% per month) will accrue on all bills that are beyond the credit terms as defined above unless a bill is under specific, legitimate dispute between KCS and Applicant.

Applicant agrees to pay any and all costs of collections, including fees for collections agencies and reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred in the process of collecting any and all payments not made and received in accordance with these credit terms.

Applicant shall pay all bills using Electronic Funds Transfer / Automated Clearing House (EFT/ACH) in conjunction with an accompanying Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) file (Electronic Remittance Advice), unless otherwise agreed. Applicant shall provide remittance detail to KCS when sending payment.

It is further understood that if credit is extended on behalf of KCS, it is granted only as a convenience to Applicant and at the sole discretion of KCS, and such credit extension may be revoked by KCS at any time, as to any shipment (including those in transit), and without notice to Applicant.

I certify the correctness of all information inserted above and agree to pay within the prescribed time periods all charges owed KCS and to observe all agreements and understanding in this application.

Execute & Return To:
Kansas City Southern Railway
Attn: Credit Analyst
P.O. Box 219335
Kansas City, MO 64121-9335
Fax: 816.218.0151
E-Mail: CreditApplications@KCSouthern.com
Any changes in ownership should be reported to the KCS credit & collections department.