Carta Porte #28 – New mandatory fields for Carta Porte 3.0

February 20, 2024

Effective Apr. 1, 2024, the Mexican Tax Authority (SAT) will be enforcing Carta Porte 3.0 requirements for all rail traffic including intermodal, automotive and carload.  

To support our customers in preparing for these changes, new mandatory fields are being included within the Carta Porte section of the bill of lading page for MyKCS.  Failure to comply with Carta Porte 3.0 requirements could result in the assessment of penalties issued by the Mexican Tax Authority and customs authorities including fines, shipment delays and/or seizure of goods.  

Carta Porte 3.0 Rail Guidelines for Customers include: 

  • Additional party of IMPORTER (N1*IM) as mandatory vs. optional for all Southbound and port-related traffic into Mexico.    
    • CPKC’s Importer Tax ID Reference Guide is available here.    
  • Importer Tax ID requirement (REF*TJ) segment (when an importer is used) 
  • Additional N9 of Mexican Material Type (MMT = N9*MMT*QUALIFIER from the c_TipoMateria SAT catalog)  
    • For inquiries concerning Carta Porte 3.0 changes, please reference the following link, which routes to the “Complemento Carta Porte” section published via the SAT website (in Spanish only)
    • Alternatively, users can also reference the Mexico Official Gazette (subscription required) for the latest announces regarding Carta Porte requirements.    
    • XML Schemas will also be reflected on the same page as published catalogues.  

To help you prepare for these changes, on March 1, 2024, we will provide training materials with detailed instructions (including screenshots) on how to effectively utilize each of the new fields.

Additional information: 

  • To review the Carta Porte FAQ, click here and select the “CPKC Carta Porte” tab.   
  • To access the EDI guide, click here.  
  • If you require details on EDI billing submissions, please contact EDI Services.

Should you have any questions on this program, please contact CPKC Mexico Customer Solutions Center or your Sales Account Executive who will be happy to answer your questions. 

Thank you for choosing CPKC. 

CPKCM will not initiate the transport of goods, nor receive them in interchange from other carriers, without having the necessary information from shippers that would allow CPKCM to issue the bill of lading (Carta Porte) and the invoice, prior to the provision of the freight rail transportation service, including any service provided by third parties hired by customers and restrictions imposed by any Mexican Government entity. Our expectation is that our customers are also working to be fully compliant so there will be no risk of delayed shipments or additional fees or penalties. Shippers will reimburse and indemnify CPKCM for any losses and damages caused, as well as for the cost and expenses incurred, as a consequence of the inaccuracy of the information provided to CPKCM by them or by their representatives, including without limitation, for any setout costs, detentions, penalties and fines determined by the tax and customs authorities.