Carta Porte - Mexican Tax Authority Waybill update #5 – Prohibited Generic Codes

November 12, 2021

Attention Automotive and Intermodal shippers and Partner Carriers -

In our commitment to keeping you updated on the Carta Porte program in Mexico, this communication is specific to our Automotive and Intermodal shippers and our partner rail carriers. This is to inform that the Carta Porte program does not permit the use of generic commodity codes on shipments . This would include FAK (Freight of All Kinds) such as 4611110 including other 4611xxx series codes, automotive parts such as 3714990 and other 37149XX series codes. Other examples of a generic commodity that needs a more descriptive name would include household goods (toasters), autoparts (steering wheels), appliances (refrigerators), tools (hammers), cloth (linen) or clothes (denim jeans), etc. All shipments will require the use of an available SAT commodity code. Ultimately, all shippers shall be responsible at all times for the accuracy of the information provided by them or by their representatives (i.e. custom brokers) to KCSM and to the tax and customs authorities.  

KCS, in an effort to facilitate a smooth transition for our customers, created a mapping tool of STCCs to the new SAT commodity code catalog.  This is our interpretation which was developed in conjunction with our Mexican rail colleagues to facilitate the transition to the new Carte Porte requirements.  We have begun using these SAT commodity codes this month to be on target to implement by December 1, 2021, as set by the Mexican government. Please review the mapping guide of STCC to SAT commodity code here . If your STCC or commodity is not in this listing, there is a chance it is considered too generic and may need further research.  Please reach out to us for support, should this be the case.

As you are aware, the Carta Porte requirements are mandated by the Mexican government (Mexican Tax Authority – SAT) for all shipping companies (cargo airlines, trucks, maritime, railroads, etc.) in Mexico. This applies to cross-border, international and Mexico domestic shipments. Therefore, these changes supersede any provision to the contrary that may exist in any rule, tariff, rate or contract previously published or entered by KCSM, including special invoicing practices (additions to the invoice after creation – i.e. purchase orders, cost centers, loading to customer portals, etc.).   

We continue to work with the Mexican authorities to determine if any additional data from the shipper is necessary beyond what has been previously communicated. As we learn more, we will share this information with you.   

KCSM will not initiate the transport of goods, nor receive them in interchange from other carriers, without having the necessary information from shippers that would allow KCSM to issue the bill of lading (Carta Porte) and the invoice, prior to the provision of the freight rail transportation service. Our expectation is that our customers are also working to be fully compliant so there will be no risk of delayed shipments or additional fees or penaltiesi.

Should you have any questions on this mandate, please don’t hesitate to contact our KCSM Customers Solutions Center or your Sales Account Executive who will be happy to answer your questions.  

Thank you for being a loyal Kansas City Southern customer and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

Shippers will reimburse and indemnify KCSM for any losses and damages caused, as well as for the cost and expenses incurred, as a consequence of the inaccuracy of the information provided to KCSM by them or by their representatives, including without limitation, for any detentions, penalties and fines determined by the tax and customs authorities.