Northbound TMXU Pick-Up Charges

March 28, 2024

Dear Valued CPKC Intermodal Customer,

Effective April 1st, 2024, and until further notice, CPKC will be adjusting the current Northbound TMXU pick-up charges applied through Blume Global to the following lanes as follows:

Current TMXU Pick-Up Charge

Adjusted TMXU Pick-Up Charge

$125 Per Northbound Unit

$0 Per Northbound Unit

  • Origin: Laredo, Salinas Victoria, Interpuerto and Puerta Mexico
  • Destination: ALL interline shipments to offline destinations on NS
  • Equipment Type: TMXU

Please contact your CPKC Account Managers with any questions.

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Chris Garcia, CPKC

Ina Gilevich, CPKC

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Thank you for being a loyal CPKC intermodal customer.