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Confronta Requests in Mexico

All rail shipments arriving at destinations in Mexico with loss of or damage to the cargo are subject to the confronta process. The confronta process is a legal requirement and condition to recovery on any claim for freight loss and damage in Mexico. A confronta is a joint inspection by the destination rail carrier in Mexico and the consignee wherein the available facts about loss or damage to the cargo are noted and agreed upon. A confronta is not an admission of liability or guarantee of payment by the rail carrier.

Consignees must notify the destination rail carrier of any loss or damage within 1 business day after the shipment is placed for unloading and prior to the completion of unloading. This notification is a 'demand for confronta' and may be made through the MyKCS Portal.

  • KCSM may or may not decide to attend the confronta. Regardless of that decision, once you have notified KCSM you have fulfilled your obligation. If KCSM waives their right to confronta, your claim cannot be denied based on that decision. Requests for confronta must be made prior to unloading the cargo.
  • If KCSM waives their right to inspect, ask for a copy of the waiver.
  • If KCSM elects to attend the confronta, make sure the railcar and the freight are available and accessible to view and inspect. The carrier will not pay to re-position the freight.
  • Demurrage will be waived until the inspection is made if KCSM exercises their right to attend confronta.

For all confronta related questions, please contact confrontas@kcsms.com.mx.